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A parent consultation in therapy refers to a meeting or session between the therapist and the parents or caregivers of a child who is receiving therapy services. The primary purpose of a parent consultation is to provide support, guidance, and collaboration to ensure the child's therapeutic progress and well-being.


During a parent consultation, the therapist typically:

  • Shares Information: The therapist may share insights into the child's progress, challenges, and achievements in therapy. They might discuss the child's goals, strengths, and areas that require attention.

  • Discusses Treatment Plan: The therapist may review the treatment plan with the parents, explaining the therapeutic approaches, techniques, and interventions being used to address the child's needs.

  • Offers Guidance: Parent consultations often involve providing parents with strategies and techniques they can use at home to support their child's progress and reinforce the skills learned in therapy.

  • Addresses Concerns: Parents can use the consultation to express their concerns, ask questions, and seek clarification on the therapeutic process or their child's development.

  • Collaborates on Goals: The therapist and parents work together to set goals for the child's therapy and discuss ways in which parents can contribute to achieving these objectives.

  • Develops Consistency: Parent consultations help maintain consistency between the therapeutic approach used by the therapist and the strategies employed by parents at home. This consistency can enhance the child's learning and adaptation.

  • Discusses Progress and Challenges: The therapist may discuss any progress or challenges the child is facing in therapy and explore ways to address and overcome these difficulties.

  • Provides Parenting Support: Parent consultations can offer parenting support, coping strategies, and resources to help parents navigate the challenges of supporting a child in therapy.

  • Establishes Communication: Parent consultations serve as a platform for open communication between the therapist and parents. Regular consultations help ensure that parents are well-informed and actively involved in their child's therapeutic journey.


Parent consultations are valuable components of child therapy, especially for younger children who may rely on their parents for guidance and support outside the therapy sessions. Collaboration between the therapist and parents can create a more holistic and effective therapeutic experience for the child. It also helps parents feel more informed and empowered to assist their child's growth and development both within and beyond the therapy setting.

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