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Image by Carlos Torres



I strongly believe that the relationship between clinician and client plays a pivotal role in the therapeutic treatment process.  I am recognized by my peers, mentors, and clients as a compassionate and approachable clinician whose knowledge about human behavior and relationships comes through in a nonjudgmental and thoughtful manner.  Through a collaborative approach, I help clients gain insight into their patterns of thinking and behavior so they can move forward toward reaching their goals with greater self-awareness.  My work is informed by psychodynamic theory, relational therapy, and cognitive-behavioral principles. 



My goal in conducting comprehensive evaluations is to make the experience empowering and therapeutic for the children and families with whom I work. Many families come into my office knowing their child needs help, but unsure about why their child is struggling and how to provide support.  I'm intentional about creating a safe space in which your child can be evaluated.  During our time together, I want your child to feel comfortable and confident.  By uncovering your child's strengths and challenges, I strive to help individuals better understand the unique way they learn and process the world around them.  As a result, families leave feeling supported and instilled with the knowledge and strategies to help their child thrive. 

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